Infosys Birth Chart Analysis And Its Future Prospects Before Qtr 2 2013-14 Result

Infosys Birth Chart - 8.02.1995

  • Birth House = Pisces             Birth Lord    = Jupiter            Nakshatra   = Krithika
  • Birth lord Jupiter sitting in 9th house ( friendly house ) is a good position.
  • Its 90 Degree positioning with Mars and Saturn brings the company in news always especially during the Dasa of these planets.
  • With the strength of Jupiter and Venus this company will flourish and get to top league.
  • Weakness of Sun will not make it market leader.

Infosys Transit Chart - 11.10.2013

  • Birth lord Jupiter is sitting weak in Gemini (enemy house)
  • Sun is sitting in square position with birth lord which is making it vulnerable.
  • Saturn the Industry lord is sitting strong , which is giving some strength.
  • So overall its a so-so position for the prospects of company. Internal management is in problem but the external environment and Industry pluses will give support to company to perform.
  • Mars Maha Dasa , 2nd and 9th house lord sitting in 6th house makes its very vulnerable. In transit chart also Mars is in Leo and is in 90 degree with Venus.
  • Venus Dasa , 3rd and 8th house lord sitting in 10th house is okay position.
  • Sun Dasa with Sun placed in 11th house (enemy house) in birth chart and in transit its 90 Degree positioning with Jupiter (birth lord) makes the situation very vulnerable.

Considering the Birth Chart and Transit Chart we have a very challenging situation for the stock. Dasa also dose not give any encouraging sign.  We are expecting Infosys to trade in the negative territory in this period . But over all we are positive on IT sector due to strength of planet which drives IT sector. Because of this factor stock will get some support from breaking down drastically and showing smart recovery.

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