What made market to go up one sided from Feb 13th 2014 to March 18th 2014 ? Analysis Based On Gann Astronnamy

Gann Astrononamy is a powerful tool for traders to catch the trends of market much earlier . Study will help us in taking decision much earlier so as to gain well. Here we are analysis what is the Astro Physical reasons for this surge.

When we analysis recent four or five market rally on upside we are getting lot of similarity.

Sep 1st 2010 (5403.05) to Oct 13th 2010 (6233.9) 830 Points One Sided Rally 

  • In transit chart Mars and Saturn in conjunction.
  • Nodes are in Squre (90 Degree) position with Mars and Saturn ( Malefic Planets ) .
  • Its a mathematical phenomenon of (-ve x -ve = +ve) .

Dasa’s Running In The period between Sep 2010 to Oct 2010

Dec 30th 2011 (4659.95) to Feb 21st 2012 (5607.15) 947 Points One Sided Rally

  • In transit Nodes are in square position with Mars.
  • Mars and Venus are opposed .
  • Mars is in sextile to Exalted Saturn.

Dasa’s Running In The period between Jan 2012 to Feb 2012

April 12th 2013 (5520.7) to May 17th 2013 (6187.3) 666 Points One Sided Rally


  • In transit Mars in conjunction with South Node (Kethu) and inturn opposed by North Node (Rahu).
  • Saturn and Mars are sitting opposed to each other.
  • Again the mathematical element playes (-ve + -ve = +ve ) .

Dasa’s Running In The period between April 2013 to May 2013

Feb 13th 2014 (6001.1) to March 10th 2014 (6537.25) 536 Points One Sided Rally


  • Mars in conjunction with North Node (Rahu) and inturn opposed by South Node (Kethu).
  • Mars and Saturn are in conjunction.
  • Mars and Saturn in square position with Mercury.


  • In all the one sided rallies that we have demonstrated above we have some common factors.
  • Mars relationship with Nodes is visible.
  • In all the cases Mars has a Square , Opposition or Conjoint relation with nodes.
  • In most of the cases Mars is aspect with Saturn also.
  • So the current rally in market should last till such time Mars is in Libra in conjunction with Rahu and Saturn. 
  • March 25th evening Mars is moving retro into Virgo.

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