CRUDEOIL ( FUTURES – 21st July 2014) – 08-07-2014 – Gann Angle , Price Vs Time Squaring Technique Intraday Range

For calculation of Gann Angle Range we have taken today’s first 30 min High* and Low* after market opening

Always note that after Target is hit wait for three to five minutes before taking a position.

If the market sustains above (buy)/ below(sell) for three to five minutes then you can go ahead and take position. Same applies while taking a stop loss.

As the targets are achieved the Stop Loss need to be moved to the previous target.

These levels are applicable only till USA market opening in evening. After USA market opening we need to recalculate again.

* There is a special way to derive at the high and low of first half an hour which we will cover in our Gann Price Time Squaring Technique Training course .

** Entry error is nullified in this calculation. In the normal Gann Calculator found in market entry error is not nullified hence there would be error in entry and exit points.

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