Sensex Outlook – 14.10.2014 – Gann Astrononamy


Gann Astrononamy is the best tool for market prediction .It can pick the market direction better than any other method. For 100% accuracy it require accurate time of birth etc. Due to this constrain we would find some flaws in day and hourly predictions. From my experience in Indian market its 100% accurate in predicting short term and long term trend. This is essential tool for any trader in stock/commodity market. Once your learn this you can gain big success in market. Our last three years is a testimony for the success of this method.
Sensex Transit - 14.10.2014 
  • Sun is in conjunction with Rahu and Venus which is a very negative position for luminary.
  • Moon has moved into Gemini and is in square position with Sun, Venus and Nodes makes it very vulnerable.
  • Venus has also moved into its friendly house , but presence of enemy Sun takes the sheen out.
  • Exalted Saturn is placed in square position with exalted Jupiter . This is very odd for related sectors.
  • Mars is in own house which will give strength to planet its actions are brutal .
  • Mercury is in Libra in retro position , in conjunction with Saturn.
  • Sensex is undergoing North Node ( Rahu ) Dasa (primary cycle) for 18 years ( 16.10.2008 to 17.10.2026) . In this period Sensex will go up beyond reach of common man .
  • Sub-Primary cycle is of Saturn , shows IT and manpower centric sectors to outperform..
  • Kethu Micro-Primary cycle shows market’s move in the opposite direction of primary Dasa.
  • Sun Nano Primary cycle shows strain in market to continue.
  • Sun Sub Nano cycle from market open till 10.03 AM shows market to get strained, Moon cycle from 10.03 AM till close shows negative sentiments.
  • Kethu Micro Nano cycle at start of market shows negative bias , Venus cycle from 9.27 AM till 10.03 AM shows strain in related sector, Market goes through various Dasa and finally close with Venus cycle.

In May when we predicted market will show sign of strain soon many people felt that impossible . We have a big dig left.

 People who have taken short position at 27800 ( NIFTY : 8170 ) have gained big points . We have gained  2200 plus points ( NIFTY : 400 plus ) . We are seeing further down side. 

Jupiter change has brought in some stability in banking sectors but the real strength will come only after Nov 2nd when Saturn will move out from Square position . But on dips , positional traders can accumulate Banking stocks. 

From now on 2014-15 will be year of Banking , IT sectors on any surge would recommend to sell as they will have tough time .

As we had predicted earlier we are expecting US Market to bottom in Dec’2014 or Jan’2015.


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