NIFTY (FUTURES – 30.10.2014) – 14.10.2014 – Volatility Based Trading Technique Intraday Range

Volatility Technique is one of the best statistical tool to derive at market entry point. This can be used for any stock/commodity/forex. We are following eight steps before closing in on our entry target. Our VBITS calculator will give you the out put in seconds , once you feed the input data. This technique is a combination of STATISTICS & FIBONACCI Technique. Can be used for both Intra-day and Positional trade. But the inputs for both the trades will change. That’s what we teach in our Volatility Course.

 If the market sustains for three – five minutes above (buy) / below(sell) then you can go ahead and take position. Same applies while taking stop loss.

Stop loss rules and level derivation are covered in detail in our Volatility based training course.
Volatility has come down to manageable level.

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