Short Position On Bank NIFTY On 29th Jan 2013 @ Gann Astrononamy

sensex transit chart 29th Jan 2013

Based on Gann Astrononamy we took Short position on Four Lots Of Banky NIFTY at the peak and gained Rs.5000/- in just 2 Hrs of trade on 29th Jan 2013

  • On 29th Jan 2013 planetary positions we had Jupiter sitting in Venus (enemies) house.
  • Jupiter is also in 90 Degree with Moon and Mars which shows high degree of speculation activity to trap small time traders.
  • Understanding this activity we took short position at average price of 12935 ( 12973 was peak ).
  • We exited at average price of 12885 .
  • Made close to Rs. 4900/- gain in four lots of Bank NIFTY.
  • Enclosed is the ” Contract Note On Bank NIFTY Short Position On 29.01.2013

Following Gann Astrononamy is not a blind speculation activity , We are following the age old tradition of  our forefathers of knowing what is going to happen based on scientific inputs of planetary moments….

More than Indian’s Foreigners follow this and they are gaining big…

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