Trading In NIFTY & Bank NIFTY based on Gann Astrononamy On 12.02.2013

At the beginning of market analysist where bearish on market outlook for the day.

As per Gann Astrononamy after analysing Sensex Transit Chart for 12.02.2013 we have clearly understood that on back of Rahu & Saturn Micro-Nano cycle market will open with strength and close on a positive note. Base on this we took long position in 2 lots  NIFTY and 7 lots Bank NIFTY and gained Rs. 6500/- plus profit in intraday trading .

Live Contract Note Of 12.02.2013

Live Contract Digital Bill Of 12.02.2013

We took long position of 7 Lots of Bank NIFTY at a average price of 12386 and squared at average price of 12420 gained Rs.5950/-.

We took long position of 2 Lots of NIFTY at average price of 5908 and we squared all position at average price of 5927.5 gained Rs.1950/- .

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