Live Trading Done Based On Gann Astrononamy ( Moon’s Exalted Position) – 19.02.2013

Based on the positional strength of Moon , by verifying the past figures we have understood that when Moon is in exalted position market performs well . We took position 7 Lots Nifty and 4 Lots bank NIFTY long position and made Rs. 10,000/- plus gain on Intra-day Trade.

sensex transit chart 19th Feb 2013.

We had a very choppy market for days together. And analyst where negative on this day also. Based on   Gann Astrononamy prediction for 19.02.2013 we have seen that past Four Out Of Five times when Moon came to this position market ended Doji with positive bias.

Based on this input we took position in NIFTY and Bank NIFTY

Live Contract Note Of -19.02.2013

Live Contract Bill For Trading On -19.02.2013

NIFTY = 7 Lots Buy @ 5898 & Sold at 5929 . Profit 32x50x7 = 11200 /-

Bank NIFTY = 4 Lots Buy @ 12371 & Sold at 12395. Profit 24x25x4 = 2400/- 

Gann Astrononamy is a pure scientific method. This along with any other technical tools like Gann Angle Theory or Elliot Wave will be deadly combination.

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