Live Trading On Pre-Budget Day Based On Gann Astrononamy – 27.02. 2013

sensex transit chart 27th Feb 2013.

Based on Gann Astononamy Prediction for 27.02.2013 we have noted that market will improve since Moon has come out of opposition from Sun,Mercury,Mars and Venus. Also the Dasa’s where also supportive. Based on this input we took long position on 8 Lots Of NIFTY and 8 Lots Of Bank NIFTY and gained over Rs. 19,000/- in day trading.

Live Contract Note For Pre Budget Day Trading -27.02.2013

Live Contract Bill For Pre Budget Day Trading -27.02.2013

Bank Nifty Bought At average price of Rs.11898 /- and Sold at Rs.11939/- gained @ 42x25x8 = Rs. 8200/-

Nifty Bought At average price of Rs. 5773/- and Sold at Rs.5800/- gained @ 10800/-

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