Eclipse & Market Cycle Focus On April 25th 2013 – Partial Lunar Eclipse

 Market Cycle In Correlation With Eclipse

Eclipse For 2013

2013 is a special year where we have five eclipses coming in this year

April 25th 2013  – Partial Lunar Eclipse

May 10th 2013 – Annular Solar Eclipse

May 25th 2013 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Oct 18th 2013 – Penumbral Lunar Eclipse

Nov 3rd 2013 – Hybrid Solar Eclipse


Planetary Position On April 25th 2013

  • Exalted Sun placed in Mar’s house in conjunction with Kethu, Venus and Mars.
  • Mars placed at Moolatrikonastana.
  • Mercury debilitated placed in Jupiter’s house.
  • Saturn in exalted position in conjunction with Rahu and Moon.
  • Jupiter in Venus House ( enemies house) .
  • Exalted Saturn in conjunction with Rahu opposing Exalted Sun in conjunction with Venus and Powerful Mars is a highly dangerous planetary position.

Science Of Eclipse & Human Behavior / Emotions

According to the researchers , it is believed that the eclipses block certain degrees of the Sun’s radiation that affects the Earth’s magnetic shield. This shield is what protects the Earth from the deadly effects of the Sun’s radiation. On an aside note, some scientists have discovered a massive hole in the shield currently that is attributed to increasing solar flares. Furthermore, such research has also advocated that mankind’s responses, behavior, & decision-making is somehow affected by this magnetism. As it relates to the economic world markets, the greater the exposure to the radiation or geomagnetic fields, the greater degree humans make decisions based on risk. It is theorized that both a Full Moon & a Total Solar Eclipse have this same effect on humanity-as both are either directly or most closely lined up between the Sun & the Earth.

Eclipse And Market Performance Correlation

Is it a mere coincidence that the most recent 8 of the greatest market crashes have happened either 6 Days before a Full Moon or 3 Days after a Full Moon & within 6 weeks of a Solar Eclipse? According to a researcher Steve Pitts, the odds of these crash cycles to have occurred in this particular pattern have a chance in 1/127,000 of the time. This theory is not 100% reliable as the 1929 & the 1950, 1987, 1997, 2008 Crashes did not follow this Market Crash Theory precisely. Nonetheless, the 8 major market crashes since 1990, have thus far been the:

1. 1990 – Tokyo Crisis
2. 1997 – Asia Crisis
3. 2000 – NASDAQ Crisis
4. 2001 – Fall Panic
5. 2007 – Market Crash
6. 2008 – Rosh HaShana Crass (777 points)
7. 2009-10 – Spring Crisis
8. 2011-12 – Debt Ceiling Panic

The last 8 major market crashes do follow a pattern that is particularly tied to moon & eclipse cycles. Primarily, these market cycles come in either 2’s or 3’s or multiples of 3. For example, a mathematical matrix was presented that uses the multiple of 3. These year-date cycles can be verified as to pertaining to cycles in human history that correspond precisely to the matrix, at least mathematically:


2.12 Year Cycle
x 3 = 6.36 Year Cycle
x 3 = 19.1 Year Cycle = Cycle of Markets  - Crashes & Panics
x 3 = 57.3 Year Cycle
x 3 = 171.9 Year Cycle = Cycle of Wars Major – World Conflicts
x 3 = 516 Year Cycle = Cycle of Civilizations – average turnover

The April 2013 time frame happens to end in one of the 6.37 year cycles.

It has been postulated that the Full Moons do affect the Stock Market and/or economic cycles. Obviously, there are no ‘crashes’ on every Full Moon. For a ‘Crash’ to occur, there has to be certain astronomical conditions that have to be in place associated specifically when it comes to the cycles of eclipses. But what is significant to note is that the Market Crash Cycles have been found to:

1. Rise before a Full Moon &
2. Drop after a Full Moon

Researchers have further taken the Market Crash Theory & has postulated that not only do market crashes occur subsequent to eclipses but that the market crashes, when they occurred, all ended on the same Lunar calendar date.

The Market Crash Pattern

Part of the condition that also has to be in place, aside from the eclipse pattern, is that an economic or market ‘bubble’ has to accompany the ecliptic cycle as well. The following is the pattern that will most likely lead to a Market Crash Cycle according to the researchers. The conditions that have to occur for a market crash to happen are the following:

1. The ‘Topping’ in the markets will occur, leading up to a Full Moon 1 month before a Solar Eclipse. This will happen anywhere within the 13-15th of a month. ( US Market is topping at this point )
2. A ‘Panic’ or drop in the markets will ensue that will seem like a ‘crash.’ It can occur within the 6 days before the Solar Eclipse, but can occur beforehand.
3. A ‘Rally’ will ensue for about 2 weeks after the Solar Eclipse that will lead up to a Full Moon.

4. The ‘Crash’ will happen within the 3 days after the Lunar Eclipse occurs that accompanies the Solar Eclipse but can occur after that time as well.

Start Of Market Crash Cycle For 2013

US President Bush I speech to Congress declared such a quest on September 11, 1991. ( 911 with 1991 = 911-1-991 sequence if 9=1 & 1=9 substituted) Interestingly, from the declaration to initiate the NWO on September 11, 1991 by the 1st Bush (Magog) to the attack on the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001 during the 2nd Bush (Gog) is 11 years. Then from the 9-11, 2001 Attack to September 11, 2012 is the 11th Year Anniversary. (a 11-11 numerical sequence order)

Perhaps this coming Market Crash Cycle will be the ‘one’ to thus usher in the beginning of the actual NWO economic apparatus, or the need for one as the world will be plunged into intense economic chaos of the likes of the Weimar Republic in Germany that led to World War 2. During that time of economic collapse, 1 pound of bread cost 3 billion Marks!  We are currently witnessing such a possible repeat of history through an orchestrated combined world market crash of the Euro & US Dollar & a Middle East war fueled by religious hatred that erupted on September 11, 2012. There are currently over 30 nations’ navies in joint maneuvers in the Persian Gulf in a prelude to a probable military strike on Iran.

The Market Crash Cycle scenario presented could well start the next major world Market Crash Cycle. the ‘Trigger’ for the ‘Crash’ have well start in October of 2012 but that it can send shock-waves of depression across the world well into the Spring of 2013 – specifically by the time of the Lunar Eclipse of April 25, 2013.

World Economic Scenario  & Economic Prediction

With the Greek Euro in shambles & other EU nations like Spain, Portugal, Italy & Ireland on the brink of economic bankruptcy, the crash of the Euro will insure a subsequent crash of the US Dollar soon to follow thereafter. What has kept the US Dollar afloat for decades is that the world pays for its oil in the current ‘world reserve currency’ -which is in US Dollars; thus called the Petro Dollar. IF this arrangement would not be the case, the Federal

Reserve printed fiat Dollars would be worthless. Presently, other countries have elected to purchase oil with their gold or domestic currencies. If this trend continues & more countries of the world abandon the US Dollar, it will spell certain doom for the current economic status-quo. A new ‘world reserve currency’ will have to be implemented & soon.

This conjecture is part of the ‘perfect economic storm’ lurking over our immediate economic world horizon. If the scenario pans out, there will be a need for a New World Economic Order that is precipitated by a New Political Order . No doubt, the next New World Order economy will require such an implosion on all major fronts. The current ‘Old Order’ will need to make way for the new economy, politic & religion to come to fruition.

It is only a matter, of not if, but when the Euro & US Dollar will collapse

September 11,2012 the month in which middle east crises (Iran , Egypt ) and the current European Debt ceiling and Currency crisis aggravated .

We are going to see a big showdown closer to April 25th 2013  for the series of events  which started in September 2012

This will totally change the dynamics of world politics and economy.

For stock and commodities market across the world this period ( +/- 10 days from April 25th 2013 ) will be a very choppy period with deep negative bias.

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