Bank NIFTY View Based On W D Gann Astrononamy – Before Qtr 1 RBI Policy Announcement

  • Transit chart shows Sun in conjunction with Kethu, Mercury, Venus & Mars .
  • Saturn in conjunction with Rahu.
  • Sun+Kethu+Mercury+Venus+ Mars opposed by Satur+Rahu combination.
  • Moon in Square position with Sun,Kethu,Mercury,Venus,Mars, Saturn & Rahu.
  • In afternoon around 1.20 pm Moon will come in 90 degree with Jupiter.

Planetary position shows a negative bias for Bank NIFTY. Closer to 1.20 pm traders can take a clear stand.

Our view is Bank NIFTY should get into negative territory and trade with negative bias. There would be high degree of choppiness on back of peculiar planetary position.


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