Long Position On IT Stocks Between 7th Jan & 9th Jan 2013 Following Gann Astrononamy

Sensex Transit Chart - 08.01.2013

Market and Analyst where bearish on IT Sector especially on Infosys. Following Gann Astrononamy  we bought into all three IT Companies ( Infosys , Wipro & TCS ) and gained RS. 50,000/- plus in just four days with a investment of 1.2 lac.

Gann Astrononamy is one of the most powerful tool for a trader to churn out big profits  from mar. ket. Its gives us an early signal on which sector to pick that too when others are all bearish and stocks have made bottom…

I am enclosing here with a practical example from the live trading which I have done in my account…

From Oct 2012 , Saturn has moved to Libra ( Tula) its in exalted position. So the sectors which are influenced by Saturn will do well in these two and half years period when Saturn is there . As per W D Gann study , he has clearly understood that Saturn influences manpower centric sectors ie . IT, Telecom, Steel, Aluminium , BPO etc.

So as predicted we took a long position in IT sector just before the Quarterly results session to start . Please note that at this point Analyst where all telling that IT Results will be muted , especially that of Infosys. But we where pretty sure that IT Sector is going to do well and we took position accordingly. 

Infosys Buy 150 x @ 2348

TCS Buy 100 x @ 1286.53   

WIPRO Buy 200 x @ 398 

Enclosed are

Contract Note On IT Stocks Buy On Jan 7th 2013 

Contract Note On IT Stocks Buy On Jan 8th 2013

Contract Note On IT Stock Buy @ Jan 9th 2013

As expected Infosys results came good and we exited our positions on same day with decent gains.

Infosy Sell @ 2649 ( Profit @ + 301 x 150 = Rs. 45,150/- )

TCS Sell @ 1309 ( Profit @ + 23 x 100 = Rs. 2300/- )

Wipro @ 412 ( Profit @ + 14 x 200 = Rs. 2800/- )

Enclosed are

Contract Note On IT Stocks Sell On Jan 11th 2013

Are you astonished !! Learn it and gain big in Capital Market…. Year has just started let 2013 be a turning point in your trading carrier.

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